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Here’s what others say about Wired to Win™

Drops 11 Strokes Without The Need for a Tip or Strategy!

Dear David, Everybody has hopes that with just one more key, they’ll be playing like pros. On top of that almost nothing in the golf world really works for more than a few days. I don’t know if you realize this but Wired to Win is the only thing that has made a lasting improvement that I can “count” on. More importantly look at the nature of the improvement. This process reduced my scores  from an average of 81 to an average of 70!!! Years of practicing hitting drives, putting, etc. but nothing was there to tie it together until Wired to Win and most importantly; it sticks, it continues to work and there is simply nothing else in golf to compare it to. Thank you, David.”
Jim Fenney

Believe It!

I signed up for your Personal Development coaching services at first with the idea to drop my handicap from 10 to 5. I thought I needed mental toughness. What I got was not what I expected. I got 10 times more. You have changed my life for the better. My awareness of who I am and who I can be has grown by leaps and bounds. My life is already better, my marriage has improved and yes my golf game is a lot more enjoyable and I’m already being invited to join other golfing groups as a result. What a joy to now be a positive influence on those around me. These exciting changes have all happened within just four sessions! I can’t wait for the next meeting. What will I learn next? Thanks David, I wish that everyone could experience what I am experiencing.”

Sam Jones/Investment Adviser
Roseburg, Oregon


Do you want more coping skills OR do you want to create better golf starting today?

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1. 50 Ways To Take Action Now!–E-Book

2. As A Man Thinketh-a James Allen classic before its time. His insights match up perfectly with the 7 Laws and are an inspiring reminder!

3. 6 Errors You Commit Before Hitting a Single Shot–49 pages! One of my best-selling E-Books 

4. Video Training–A cool  session that puts you position to lower you scores!

C’mon…Let’s Play!

I am absolutely thrilled that I discovered David Breslow’s “Wired 2 Win” program.  I always knew that the mental “part” of the game was one of my biggest challenges….  Realizing that the mental part of the game IS the game has finally helped me understand how much I keep “getting in my own way” with my habitual reactions.  The 7 laws are so simple and logical, YET profoundly powerful.  The information is easy to access, recall and put into practice – and you quickly see the results not only on the golf course, but in all aspects of life.  Thank you so much David for creating W2W!!!

Hollie West  49 years old   Current Handicap: 20 … and going down!

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 Your Coupon Code:  paul (lower case)